Turbocharge Your Health!

The human body, if relieved of stress and cleansed of contaminants, has an incredible capacity for rejuvenation. Health crusader Steve Meyerowitz presents an easy-to-follow, fast, and effective juice-based cleansing program that will help you tap into your inherent capacity for healing, weight management, and longevity.

The 7 Day Just Juice Diet can help you...

  • lose weight
  • reduce arthritic pain
  • stabilize blood sugar
  • banish fatigue
  • boost immunity
  • break poor eating habits
  • feel stronger & younger
  • reclaim your health!
Jay Kordich, 'The Juiceman'

Steve Meyerowitz has put together a well-organized and practical program incorporating juicing and cleansing. Follow the natural laws as Steve has so clearly laid out and you will be amazed at how quickly your vitality will be restored.

Brian Clement, PhD, NMD, CN, Director, Hippocrates Health Institute

Sproutman’s 7-Day Just Juice Diet is a comprehensive, clear, and concise method to help prevent disease and premature aging. Thanks, Steve, for all your efforts and decades of dedication.

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